Next Generation Hybrid SIEM Services from Network Warehouse & Maple Networks
Jul 28 2020 Harry Lang

Next Generation Hybrid SIEM Services from Network Warehouse & Maple Networks

Network Warehouse are excited to announce that we have partnered with market leading security specialists Maple Networks. As part of that partnership we are able to deliver a world class flexible managed SIEM service based on the highly acclaimed Azure Sentinel platform.

At a time when organisations are looking to drive down costs and maintain a robust security posture, a hybrid approach can often offer the best of both worlds. 

Our Hybrid SIEM Service combines proactive monitoring and industry specific threat hunting to deliver ‘outcomes, not just alerts' leveraging the power & scale of Azure Sentinel. 

Especially in times like these in order to maintain visibility, availability and business continuity, it is critical to detect and respond to cyber threats quickly and effectively. Improve your mean time to detection and response, to known and unknown threats by having:- 

  • Hybrid SIEM – A proactive 24x7 expert-level virtual Security Operations Centre (SOC)
  • The power of a cloud-native, AI-enabled automation & orchestration
  • Complete threat visibility from across your network
  • The service de-coupled from the infrastructure enabling greater customer flexibility and removes 'lock in'

We can also offer our skills to existing Splunk customers. Splunk tend to be very noisy and end users generally struggle to manage it, so we can provide an abstraction layer, ingest their alerts into our platform and manage the alerts and provide remediation advice etc..

We are hosting a series of short 20 min webinars over the next few weeks to not only provide more info but to allow customers to see the service and ask us questions. We hope to see you there..details to follow.


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