Simplify Security with Managed Cloud Video Surveillance
Sep 19 2022 Craig McCamley

Simplify Security with Managed Cloud Video Surveillance

Maximize business intelligence and adapt to the shifting tech landscape.

Challenge: maintaining security in a digitized world

Technology is transforming, along with the expectations of what it can do for businesses. Cloud and IoT technologies are driving greater connectivity and data insights than ever before. Connected and available data can now layer with intelligent solutions to optimize operations and enhance business outcomes.

According to McKinsey & Company, there is more than $1 trillion in productivity gains to be realized by leveraging new cloud technologies. Now more than ever, leading companies are looking to modernize their infrastructure and put cloud technologies at the center of their growth strategy.

Standing in the way of this modernization are legacy systems that operate with minimal intelligence and are dependent on internal infrastructure that is complex to deploy and maintain. Businesses want the value of modern technology but are stuck with these legacy systems due to high up-front costs and complex deployment and management of new solutions.

Similarly, security and safety organizations are looking to evolve their video surveillance approach to address the changing threat landscape, all while dealing with the challenges of labor shortages, operational inefficiencies, and cost uncertainty driven by record inflation.

Solution: managed video surveillance as a service

These ongoing video surveillance challenges are solved with a combination of cloud-native technologies and a managed services approach. The best organizations are turning to reliable partners to help face increasing financial, physical, and cybersecurity threats. Smart organizations can leverage multi-year contracts to gain access to world-class talent, lock in costs, and manage risks in the evolving threat and technology landscape.

A managed services approach helps simplify the procurement of video surveillance technology in a comprehensive service offering, striving to maximize system value and reduce up-front investment.

Value: streamlined service in a simple solution

The business impact of managed video surveillance as a service is significant. Transitioning to the cloud offers a modernized security infrastructure, accelerated digital transformation initiatives, and improved overall safety and security. Resource utilization is improved with reduced operational costs and management burdens previously associated with internal and external compliance requirements are removed. By partnering with a reliable third-party organization offering comprehensive managed services, leaders are enabled to focus on their core business while the rest is covered with one streamlined, easy-to-budget solution. 


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