Meraki Go Router Firewall Plus Is The Smart And Easy Way To Secure A Network
Apr 27 2023 Manish Kumar

Meraki Go Router Firewall Plus Is The Smart And Easy Way To Secure A Network

If you run a business, you’ll know it’s vital to protect your network and its valuable data. And if your customers have access to your network, you have a duty of care to protect them from data breaches or attacks on their smartphones or laptops. A consumer-level router won’t cut it unless you know what you’re doing and can navigate your way around the built-in web interface to access the advanced settings.

So, what’s the answer? Get an enterprise-grade router and mesh system from one of the big providers like Cisco. Good luck if you’re a small business and have the budget to spare. You must be doing very well. However, you can get a high-level and business-grade router with all the security features you need, but at a price much closer to a consumer-grade model.

The Meraki Go GX50 Router Firewall Plus is a beast of a router for the money. It’s made by Cisco and offers an effective firewall and high-level router in one handy and affordable unit. The best thing about this unit is that it can be managed from the cloud and is plug-and-play and ready to go in minutes. It can be easily set up to block websites, prioritize bandwidth and set usage limits across your network. Even better, everything can be checked and changed using the excellent Meraki Go smartphone app, which simplifies the whole setup and managing of the network.

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