Network Warehouse & Maple Networks unveils a new range of managed security and advisory services for Microsoft Azure Sentinel
Aug 15 2020 Harry Lang

Network Warehouse & Maple Networks unveils a new range of managed security and advisory services for Microsoft Azure Sentinel

Network Warehouse & Maple Networks has announced a new range of fully managed security and advisory services to support Microsoft Azure Sentinel.

According to the partnership, these are the first in a series of managed security services offered by it to support Microsoft’s cloud-based applications.

Network Warehouse & Maple Networks is one of the first Microsoft partners to launch such a service and share a common vision for cloud services They offer market-leading security capabilities as the need for flexible and scalable technology solutions drive cloud adoption.

The partnership will provide a managed service for Azure Sentinel’s scalable, cloud-native, security information event management (SIEM) and security orchestration automated response (SOAR) solution. The managed service includes alert detection, threat visibility and threat response by combining data from the Azure Sentinel workspace with the partnerships own expertise and extensive threat intelligence gained from protecting some of the works largest and most complex networks. Customers will also benefit from their in-house Security Advisory Services which offer expert guidance to help organisations navigate today’s complex cybersecurity landscape.

Dave Foster, Managing Director, Maple, said: “Global security threats are borderless and are growing all the time. So, we need effective cross industry collaboration on a global scale to gather and exchange the intelligence needed to protect our customers. The close collaboration with Microsoft is expanding further to recognise the combined strength of our security offerings and deliver industry leading solutions for our customers.”

“Our vision is to encourage cross industry collaboration to better defend against a world of increasing cyberthreats and to help customers maintain control over their data. Network Warehouse & Maple Networks bring cyber expertise to our vendor ecosystem and our unique threat intelligence service also increases the advantages of Microsoft Azure Sentinel.” Miles Stuart, Network Warehouse.

The new service easily integrates with the existing data and security stacks in Azure and Azure Sentinel, further maximising these investments and helping address today’s increasingly complex cybersecurity landscape.

The partnership works with Microsoft to provide cloud collaboration, infrastructure, networking and security managed services to help customers digitally transform globally. Over the coming year, Network Warehouse & Maple is set to announce further managed security solutions to support Microsoft’s cloud portfolio.

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