Leveraging the AI-Driven Enterprise to Support Contact Tracing
Jun 22 2020 Harry Lang

Leveraging the AI-Driven Enterprise to Support Contact Tracing

User Safety is Key to Business Continuity Planning

Many enterprises have comprehensive business continuity plans to ensure key systems survive a crisis. But protecting equipment and data is not enough… you also need a plan for reducing potential risk for employees, guests, and customers when the doors to your business reopen.

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has created a new norm where “user continuity” has become a top IT initiative in support of new business continuity plans. More specifically, IT departments are taking the lead in helping their businesses address key questions like:

  • If someone has identified themselves as positive for a virus (or exhibiting symptoms), with whom did they recently come in contact?
  • What areas within the office campus did they visit? How long were they there?
  • Are there certain areas on campus (i.e. “hot zones”) that are more susceptible to spreading a virus?
  • Can proactive actions be taken to prevent unnecessary contact?

Mist has a unique and powerful solution for promoting personnel and guest safety as part of your comprehensive business continuity plan. It leverages AI-driven analytics, self-driving Wi-Fi, and patented virtual Bluetooth® LE (vBLE) technology to enable seamless and cost-effective deployment of mission-critical use cases, such as hot zone alerting, user journey information, and proximity tracing to help minimize any further exposure.

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