Cisco Secure Endpoint goes Pro
Mar 21 2022 Craig McCamley

Cisco Secure Endpoint goes Pro

Cyberattacks hit organizations every day.  Attackers continue to develop new tactics that evade front line defenses. Ransomware is also proliferating, with the number of successful, and expensive, ransomware attacks increasing year over year. And as hybrid work becomes the new normal, knowledge workers and their endpoints are increasingly exposed to threats beyond the reach of legacy corporate network security. Compounding this is the rising cost of a security breach, increasing almost 10% between 2020 and 2021, from $3.86 million to $4.24 million. To avoid costly damage, organizations need to get proactive about managing their endpoint detection and response.

But the external threat isn’t the only major challenge organizations face today. Many organizations are hard pressed to find, hire, train, and retain security talent to take on their endpoint detection and response capability. To address the evolving threat landscape and the skill shortage in the labor market, Cisco has introduced a new endpoint security solution called Cisco Secure Endpoint Pro. Secure Endpoint Pro combines all the protections of Cisco Secure Endpoint with Cisco delivered security operations to drastically reduce the mean time to detect and respond to threats.


Need robust endpoint detection and response, but don’t have the time or expertise? 


We do the heavy lifting of securing your endpoints: Our dedicated elite team of Cisco security experts performs 24x7x365 endpoint monitoring, detection, and response so you don’t have to.

We detect and respond to threats in minutes, not hours: Cisco specialists use automation and advanced playbooks powered by the Cisco SecureX platform to drastically reduce detection and response times so you don’t have to.

We investigate every threat and prioritize the most critical ones: We conduct an in-depth investigation of every incident for you and enable you to approve or reject remediation actions based on evidence from our experts.

Secure Endpoint Pro helps ensure business continuity by combining human and machine intelligence to do the heavy lifting of endpoint detection and response for you. An elite team of Cisco security researchers, investigators, and responders utilize integrated threat intelligence and threat hunting from our Talos threat intelligence group, defined investigations, and response playbooks to relieve your security team of this burden.  Cisco Secure Endpoint Pro can identify and then stop threats, block malware, contain and remediate even advanced threats that evade front-line defenses. We look at all alert-able threats, investigate, prioritize them, and recommend response actions.  We do this around the clock and around the globe, from our dedicated, global Security Operations Centers (SOCs).

Preventing attacks keeps you out of the headlines. We help you stop threats before compromise, and our elite security operations teams are there to support your security team, or we can completely take over all responsibilities so you can focus your company’s energy on doing what you do best while leaving your security posture, the threat actors and adversaries to us.


Accelerate your endpoint detection and response with less effort but with more confidence!

As the baseline product for Secure Endpoint Pro, Cisco Secure Endpoint defends against cyberattacks with a cloud-delivered, single agent. It is the only endpoint security solution that comes with SecureX, a built-in extended detection and response (XDR) platform, allowing you to see more threats, block more attacks, and remediate faster.

When it comes to securing your endpoints, our focus is to effectively stop threats, while at the same time accelerating and maximizing your security operations with our team of elite security experts.  Up your security game with Cisco Secure Endpoint Pro! Start by watching a video to add context and color to why endpoint protection is vital for your security program, and please visit our Secure Endpoint Pro page to learn more.

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